Riggs Nutrition will meet you where you are on your health journey. 

After a brief introduction, nutrition counseling begins with an in-depth understanding of your health and food history as well as of your current goals. From there, follow up appointments are used to discuss challenges + successes, and a plan of action to implement your next steps. Since no two situations are the same, these are scheduled at a frequency requested by the client.  

Recipe help and meal planning are offered as stand-alone or as add-on services to any appointment.  

Please Note: During the current pandemic, all services are only offered via Telehealth on our patient portal Practice Better. More details of this platform are listed at the bottom of this page. 

Payment is due at time of service. Riggs Nutrition does not accept insurance at this time.  

Introductory Phone Call

This 15-minute phone call allows us to “meet” and for you to ask any of your questions about what it’s like to work with Riggs Nutrition and how nutrition counseling might help you.  


Initial Consultation

A 60-minute telehealth appointment gives us an opportunity to discuss your health and nutrition goals.  After completing an initial intake form online, we will explore your medical and nutrition history, symptoms, goals, and lifestyle. What we discuss depends on your goals and where you are in your health journey. By the end of this visit, we should have identified the next steps in your plan. Because long-term, lifestyle changes take time, follow-up appointments might be recommended.

Follow-Up Appointment*

This 45-minute telehealth appointment serves to follow up on steps set in the previous appointment. Typically, we will check in on your challenges and successes and if desired, to track progress through symptoms, health and wellness measurements.

*This appointment is only available after an initial consultation.

Recipe Rescue/Meal Planning

Feeling stuck knowing what to cook for yourself or your family? Want more specific meal plans for your health goals? Riggs Nutrition offers customized recipes and meal plans. This add-on service is available after an initial assessment as well as for existing clients. Charges vary depending on the request.  

Consultation/Guest Speaking

Need help developing a nutrition-focused program or project for your group, employees or organization?  Riggs Nutrition consults on projects, program development, partnership development, education materials, writing, cooking demos, and speaking.  Available to all types of organizations: non-profits, employers, universities, school systems, hospitals, local, national, international groups. Comfortable working knowledge in French.  Rates depend on the scope of work. 

In Home Consultation - Temporarily suspended due to COVID 19

This appointment works for someone who prefer an in-person appointment instead of telehealth. This appointment also works well for someone who would like Karen to consult on their food pantry or provide a cooking demo. Fees for this service vary depending on travel and appointment time; hourly rate is $150. Charges will be agreed upon at the time of scheduling the appointment.

Practice Better Portal

Clients who work with Karen will have access to a HIPAA compliant, online patient portal that can be tailored to fit your needs. The portal also serves as our primary means of communication and can be accessed from both your computer and mobile devices. Clients can message directly with Karen in between appointments, can view goals and tasks, note progress, access educational materials, and journal as needed. No additional fee is required for this service. Messaging between appointments should be limited to quick messages. For any consult requiring more than 10 minutes, clients might be advised to make an appointment.